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Thanksgiving: Our Home Is the Studio

I could only write a quick post this week as I'm still digesting turkey.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and I was able to get together with my family. For me, part of the holiday fun consisted of taking family snapshots and sharing my camera with my relatives. Or should I say cameras. I brought my Fujifilm X-T3 and Leica M4-P with me.

I am very enthusiastic about getting my film back in a couple weeks. But the Thanksgiving holiday threw the film/digital question into a new context for me. In the moment, it seemed to me that there's a greater chance of failure while using film than digital. This isn't to say that digital appeared infallible. It's only that digital failures could be reviewed and corrected, if necessary, before the holiday was over. I felt somewhat guilty about reserving the holiday itself for digital only, but I chickened out. I did, however, get plenty of shots on film of the family from the days leading up to Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving studio was also fun for me because it was another chance to work on my collection of personal life photographs. I think of my quarantine gallery as a small slice of this work. Although I think most artsy photographs come from the world outside the photographer's doorstep (See the history of street photography; see also Steve McCurry), I think the home can also be a rich source of photographs. It's the equivalent of writing a journal, which for some experts might just be Walden.

No images this week for the blog while the cameras cool their heels.

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Nov 28, 2020

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